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fixing the Dell Precision M65

Last Wednesday my (almost) four year old laptop (Dell Precision M65) broke.

I was in the middle of typing an email when the scree just turned black, and it wouldn’t react to anything. I figured it had crashed and just powered it off, and then on again. But it didn’t come back on. The Power and WiFi light came up, and the NumLock light as well, but that was it. No fan (although it rarely comes on right at boot), and more worrying: no hard disk spin-up.

I got worried and turned it off again. Unplugged AC power, took out the battery and hard drives, and tried again. Nothing. Read more »

MSS2 broken again

our Shared Storage 2 is broken again. We only got it replaced in May and it’s been less than a year since the initial purchase. So much for “secure, reliable RAID 1 storeage”.

Considering jsut binning it and getting a ReadyNAS…