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It’s time to write something about my studies again. I’ve been straying into the Game Programming area using XNA Game Studio.

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The Start of Semester Wizard

This is what we need: a web form wizard, that walks the lecturer through the important steps they need to take at the beginning of any teaching period.

At the moment, each semester a lecturer has to do the following things (among others)to ‘get ready’:

  1. book rooms (ahead of the start of semester)
  2. set up lecture recording for the timetabled lectures
  3. set up a Moodle site
  4. link the recordings to the Moodle site
  5. get tutorial groups from the tutorial selection system into groups in Moodle (at around week 2, usually)
  • I don’t know about the details of room booking, except tha peoplstart with this way ahead of time based on expectations and then later adapt based on enrolments.
  • Lecture recordings are currently requested from AV services though email or paper forms.
  • We have a Moodle site creation form, using which the lecturer can create the site, link it to the offer in the student management system, and have the students imported automagically.
  • At the moment it is difficult to create groups in Moodle based on students’ selections in the tutorial selection system, but we’re working on something make this possible.

With our new lecture recording system there is the opportunity to re-think step 2 above, and I’m thinking that this coudl be done similar to the form we use in step 3.Or, to take this further, why not combine the two, and make it possible to link in further steps such as step 4 and 5. That way, a lecturer woudl only have to start the process, step through the steps and finish with having everything set up. The lecturer woudl know what has been set up, and there would  much less manual work involved, especially for AV.

I would like to call this the “Start of Semester Wizard” (tm, r, c, etc):

It woudl ask which unit the lecturer is teaching, and then ask which offering of the unit. On the basis of that the Moodle site would be created and students would be linked in. Then the wizard would retrieve the timetables lectures, tutes and workshops and set up the recordings, with options for modifications, for instance skipping certain days. THe wizard woudl know about the mOodle site, so it could set up the integration between the lecture recording system and Moodle right away. THen the wizard coudl query the tutorial allocation system and pick up students for groups.

Future steps and integrations coudl be added…

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new version of files for MDL-19430

I uploaded a new package of files to MDL-19430.

I have made a number of changes to improve security, maintainability and performance, as suggested by Ashley Holman.

I have also made changes to the install.txt to hopefully avoid the confusion Mark went through.

This package is straight from of my installation of 1.9.5, and Penny’s patch also works fine on 1.9.5, once you create the ‘local’ folder.

Post-commit hook in PHP for Google Code

For a while now I’ve been using Google Code to keep track of my tinkerings with Moodle (PHP).

I found having a Google Code SVN repository very useful, because in addition to having all the usual useful features of version control and ease of use of Subversion (thank you TortoiseSVN), it is also available from anywhere, on the web. No fiddling with opening up the home firewall to get the QNap NAS have a sniff of the internet. Read more »

Google Code

Given that my NAS is out of business until I either declare the Seagate fit, or get a new disk, my local SVN server is gone too.

So I think I’ll take the opportunity to try Google Code. But at the same time I don’t want people looking at my bad code. 😉

Any actually working code will eventually go somewhere in to the Moodle community, though.

investigating YUI DataTable

spent a couple of hours reading up on YUI DataTable. If there is going to be some client side sorting it should be done with YUI.

found some example code and got it to work, but when trying to apply it to print_overview() I ran into some troubles with quotes. There are just too many, and they’ll all have to be escaped!
will need to think about how the details should be displayed. If I am to use any kind of print_box, I’ll ahev to solve the “” qoutes problem.

I have to say, working on actual code is much more fun than all the other apperwork involved… #tw

A savvy attacker, however, may enter ‘ OR Name LIKE ‘%, which would give us the following SQL statement: SELECT * FROM city WHERE Name = ” OR Name LIKE ‘%’;.

studying C#

I’ll be studying C# this semester.
Actually, that’s not entirely right. I’ll be expected to write a major
project using C#, but no actual teaching of C# is planned. We’ll see how
that goes…