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new version of files for MDL-19430

I uploaded a new package of files to MDL-19430.

I have made a number of changes to improve security, maintainability and performance, as suggested by Ashley Holman.

I have also made changes to the install.txt to hopefully avoid the confusion Mark went through.

This package is straight from of my installation of 1.9.5, and Penny’s patch also works fine on 1.9.5, once you create the ‘local’ folder.

user-determined order and number of courses on myMoodle

This is a re-post of what I wrote over at the Moodle.org forums. If you have an account, it would probably be better to post there.

I’ve been quiet about this for a few weeks on the topic of myMoodle, but have now gotten to a point where I can share what I’ve got with anyone interested. I have also finally created a tracker item: MDL-19430 – “user-determined order and number of courses on myMoodle
Mind you, it’s still done yet! The code is quite ugly and will need some cleaning up, and more importantly, some comments. Read more »

Post-commit hook in PHP for Google Code

For a while now I’ve been using Google Code to keep track of my tinkerings with Moodle (PHP).

I found having a Google Code SVN repository very useful, because in addition to having all the usual useful features of version control and ease of use of Subversion (thank you TortoiseSVN), it is also available from anywhere, on the web. No fiddling with opening up the home firewall to get the QNap NAS have a sniff of the internet. Read more »

Allowing user-determined order of courses on myMoodle

This is a re-post/copy of my post over in the Moodle forums. If you have an account on Moodle.org, you can contribute to the discussion there.

Currently the default order of courses on myMoodle is descending, by ID. This can be changed by changing on line in print_overview() in course/lib.php. However, other ways of sorting, such as alphabetically, or by last access date are not always that useful either.

Some of our teachers have asked if it would be possible to rearrange their courses on myMoodle, similar to the way topics can be rearranged in courses. That way they could determine their own order, and have the most frequently used course on top, or the most important one. Read more »

investigating YUI DataTable

spent a couple of hours reading up on YUI DataTable. If there is going to be some client side sorting it should be done with YUI.

found some example code and got it to work, but when trying to apply it to print_overview() I ran into some troubles with quotes. There are just too many, and they’ll all have to be escaped!
will need to think about how the details should be displayed. If I am to use any kind of print_box, I’ll ahev to solve the “” qoutes problem.

I have to say, working on actual code is much more fun than all the other apperwork involved… #tw