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Ditching Windows Vista

I finally ditched Windows Vista. After using various versions for a bit over
six months, I have decided to let Vista go. At initially I found it quite
nice, but over time I grew unhappy. I had some minor driver issues of which
some couldn’t be solved.
The most prominent one was the Bluetooth driver issue, I tried and even
bought some different stacks but none of them really wanted to give me
stereo audio on the headphones while letting me use the mouse. I didn’t even
try the keyboard.
Then there was the whole wireless thing, I was simply unable to connect to
networks after returning from hibernate. Standby was ok, but not hibernate.
The last straw was WinSXS. After about four months it had grown to a
whopping 8.5GB, a chunk of space I can’t afford to spare on a laptop.
Mind you, there were good things. It was faster to use, the integrated
search, tag and smart folder features were great. I miss them in XP.
Anyway, I decided that Vista was too annoying. SP1 didn’t really help, so I
considered Ubuntu and XP. Given that I will need to program in C# I went
with XP, I don’t have time right now for fiddling with yet another VM.