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CCA-Educause 2011 (Sydney)

another half-written post that I never finished. Sorry. I guess I missed the window on this one.


Last week Several weeks ago I attended the CCA_EDUCAUSE conference at the Sydney convention centre. and co-presented a session titled “Managing Relationships with External Learning Management System Providers”, which Allan Sieper form ANU in the lead. Also co-presenting were Alan Arnold from UC and Marina Lobastov from ANU.

The focus of our presentation was on how we managed our respective Moodle instances which are hosted by the external Moodle Hosting Partner, Netspot.

My bit of it focussed on how we communicate with our local teaching staff, IT area and the hosting partner (helpdesk and higher level support): The Teaching and Learning Centre, of which I am a part of, is the owner of the Moodle application and acts as a middle-man between internal IT and the external partner and the teachers.

I also outlined the processes of how we manage changes to our Moodle instance which are sometimes requested by teachers, sometimes initiated by the TLC, and sometimes found by the hosting partner.

Tom Worthington (ANU) mentioned our presentation at and so did Mark Drechsler (Netspot) at


I very much enjoyed some of the resulting conversations with other institutions I had after the presentation. A number of collaboration efforts between other Moodle-using institutions will be kicket off in the next few weeks and months, which should let us address some of the wishes we Australian Unis have for Moodle.

Sieper, Allan. “Managing Relationships with External Learning Management System Providers” CCA-EDUCAUSE Australasia (2010): n. pag. from 30 Apr. 2011

The Mont 24 hour Mountain Bike Race

Last Weekend Caroline and I participated in the Mont 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race ( at East Kowen forest in the ACT.
We were in a team of six – initially we planned to participate as three couples but as one of us broke his hand we got a replacement. Still three boys and three girls, though.
It was a great weekend of little sleep, lots of exercise and it started raining Sunday morning, with just four hours to go – so we had a little fun in the mud as well.

I tracked my first three laps with Sports tracker, of course, but the fourth one was too wet and I left the phone back in the tent.

I’m hoping to find more photos online, but for now, just this one: