Monthly Archives: September 2010

this is the last straw – Picasa

Dear Google Picasa,

you are now dead to me.

For ages you have annoyed me wit hiding metadata such as comments, ratings and albums somewhere in secret files and folders, and you have made it annoyingly difficult to keep the photos and albums in sync on my several computers.

I managed to coax you into it by mapping and symlinking folders on network drives, and it worked, as long as I didn’t attempt to use you wile not connected to these network drives.

Now you forced me to update you in the middle of the night. I had been clinking ‘update later’ for days, and so you just waited until I was asleep.And now you had to rescan all my tens of GB of photos! why couldn’t you just remember the thumbnails? And where is my meta data? Where are my albums? you forgot all about them! you stink, Picasa! The only reason I had continued using you instead of the other programs I found, is that I got free photo storage with you. but that’s not enough of a carrot any more. Good bye!

I might still use the web albums part of you, but it’s so annoying to upload anything to there without the software, it’s just not funny.

Now… to retrieve all the information you lost for me, and to import it into Zoner Photo Studio: that keeps all the meta data in a more accessible format.

Canberra Times Fun Run

Today Caroline and I participated in the Canberra Times Fun Run. It’s a 10km run though Canberra organised by the Canberra Times and the Heart Foundation.

It was the first time for us to participate in a running event of any sort and so we were nervous. We have tried to arrange at least one, if not two runs per week for the last two months or so, but only ever reached a distance of almost 8km on our last run last Sunday.

We did however manage to finish the run today in very close to an hour. Our legs are sore, but we made it. I felt that running with others made it easier to keep going even with a stitch towards the 8km mark.I tracked the whole thing using the new Sports Tracker app, of course:

I thought the run was well organised, the roads were blocked for us and there was plenty of parking and water. There were a few things that didn’t work well, however: When we got to the start, we decided that we really shoudl go to the bathroom before running. The problem was, that there was only little toilet block , and so the girls’ line was already at least 30 people long (I had an advantage, the boys’ line was short). We, and maybe 10 other people missed the start, becasue we were still waiting in line. WHy didn’t anyone think to set up some portaloos at an event with 3000+ runners? Luckily the timing starts when you cross the starting line, so we’ll still find out how long we ran for.

It was fun, and we’ll try and do some more!