It’s time to write something about my studies again. I’ve been straying into the Game Programming area using XNA Game Studio.

Game Programming is different to what I have done in the past, and I’m really enjoying it. For the moment I’m just dabbling with the various bits of XNA to see where it will take me.

I wrote a little game using simple bits and pieces, some vectors, textures and sprites. It’s actually all pretty easy to use. I now have a marked tutorial assignment to do, and will then start working on the actual assignment. Maybe I’ll take this little game back up to add some high score recording later. Until then, have a play if you’re really bored. It’s definitely a draft on scrap paper.

Icons: Tango iconset, custom font, requires XNA 3.1 redist –> Deadly Hail Minh-Tam Nguyen (CC: BY-SA),

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