The Mont 24 hour cross country race

Last weekend I participated in the Mont 24 at Sparrow Hill (ACT). It was the first time for me and also for thee others in our team of six. We were all very excited and scared but it worked out really well.

We were fed pre-cooked vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese, bread with Nutella, canned creamed rice with peaches, goo and lots of water by our experienced support person Jason, who due an injury was not able to ride. Bori injured herself in her first lap but finished it in relly great time anyway. Tim rode a lap more than the rest of us, and so in total we rode 17 laps in 23:30 hours, making us 397th out of 545 in the team ranking, and 57th out of 75 in the Mixed Six teams. Thereby we fulfilled our goal to not come last and to each ride 3 laps.

And we’re not even that sore! We all went to work yesterday and we’ve already decided to do it again next year!

I took some photos and used my trusted N95 8GB to record my laps using Nokia Sportstracker. Of course we’re all eagerly looking forward to the official photos from on the track…

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