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Microsoft’s Live@Edu Authentication Plugin (and more) for Moodle

MoodleLive@EduEarlier in the week Microsoft Education Labs, released an authentication plugin and some integration between Live@Edu and Moodle. Reactions to this release were plenty since Tuesday.

We’ve been a Moodle institution since late last year and IT have early this year also completed bringing in Live@Edu in for students. Naturally, I wanted to have a play with the new integration.

After downloading the 624kB package from the Education Labs site (, all I had to do was unzip the files to the right spots in my test installation of Moodle 1.9.5. I followed the instructions to get an Azure/Live Services Application ID, plonked it in to the field in the Moodle admin section, and created a new user account linked to my Live identity.

I then logged out of Moodle, and was able to log in with my live ID. Excellent!

I couldn’t play with Outlook live and Alerts though, because I don’t have access to the required Live@Edu admin details.

I’m very excited to see this implemented. I think it would be great for students, if implemented correctly.

One thing I don’t like, is that if you log out of an account authenticated via live, you get redirected to MSN Live, instead of the Moodle front page. [Update: It looks like imagined this redirection, as it’s not doing it any more.]