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two links to articles about phones, and one question

There is an excellent comparison of the iPhone 3G S and the Nokia N97 over at Darla’s blog.

Lifehacker Australia writes about tethering on iPhone with Optus.

What’s the deal with the tethering business on the iPhone? Why is it such a frequently discussed topic? All my previous phones, and my current one did and do perfect tethering via USB and/or Bluetooth…

user-determined order and number of courses on myMoodle

This is a re-post of what I wrote over at the forums. If you have an account, it would probably be better to post there.

I’ve been quiet about this for a few weeks on the topic of myMoodle, but have now gotten to a point where I can share what I’ve got with anyone interested. I have also finally created a tracker item: MDL-19430 – “user-determined order and number of courses on myMoodle
Mind you, it’s still done yet! The code is quite ugly and will need some cleaning up, and more importantly, some comments. Read more »

Adobe CS3 Error: “The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically.”

Great! I was just working along, happily using my paid-for copy of Dreamweaver (as part of Master Suite CS3) when it decided to flash up the message that the “AMT Licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically”. I should reinstall or call support.

Clicking OK killed Dreamweaver, thanks very much! Also, every time I try to start up Dreamweaver or any other CS3 product I get the following error message: Read more »

on the loading speed of custom myMoodle

A few weeks ago I wrote about the customisations I am doing on myMoodle to let the user have some control of the centre column. After all, the user has control of the two side columns, so why have the centre completely locked down.

Since I wrote my post in April, I have continued to work on this and my colleagues have also made a number of useful suggestions. Below is a picture of there I am up to at the moment. Read more »