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Allowing user-determined order of courses on myMoodle

This is a re-post/copy of my post over in the Moodle forums. If you have an account on, you can contribute to the discussion there.

Currently the default order of courses on myMoodle is descending, by ID. This can be changed by changing on line in print_overview() in course/lib.php. However, other ways of sorting, such as alphabetically, or by last access date are not always that useful either.

Some of our teachers have asked if it would be possible to rearrange their courses on myMoodle, similar to the way topics can be rearranged in courses. That way they could determine their own order, and have the most frequently used course on top, or the most important one. Read more »

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Australian fiber to the home (#FTTH / #FTTP) will only be worth anything if people can see things on the internet…. #tw

bluetooth wirelles keyboard on N95 8GB

As we currently only have one computer with Excel on it, and my girlfriend needs it to get some student’s marks ready for tomorrow’s parents & teacher evening, I’ve been trying to use my phone in a way more befitting a smartphone: do some real work. Answer emails in more than just a few sentences, type part of the document for tomorrow, etc.
I can’t really do that on the numpad, so I connected my Logitech DiNovo keyboard using the wireless keyboard app. It’s pretty cool. All buttons work, except for the Symbian/Taskman/swirly bitton, all keys map perfectly. I can type at proper speed, and the screen really is big enough for most of it.
If you have a smartphone with just a number pad, not a full keyboard, I recommend you try a bluetooth keyboard with it. I think I’ll look around for a small foldable versionfor the future.

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