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AllAboutSymbian on why the iPhone can’t multitask

If you use anything you believe is called, or should be called a smartphone, you should read this article on multitasking on smartphones by Steve Litchfield over at AllAboutSymbian. Especially why the iPhone can’t multitask. It’s a great article: Look everyone, Multitasking does work after all. And has been doing so for a decade and a half

I love Nokia Sports Tracker

That’s nothing new to people close to me, but I’ve never really told anyone else.

Nokia Sports Tracker is a great free application for Symbian phones with GPS. It tacks you on the map in what it calls a ‘workout’. Read more »

When every student has a #laptop, why run computer #labs? #tf#tw

RT @google Cubicle artists unite: Google Docs now lets you make collaborative drawings #tf#tw

good thing it’s not too cold today

I wonder what it’s for… #f#t

is your time worthless? waste 5 mins watching a stupid #ie8 ad called “Brief History of the Web”: #tf#tw

ACMA blacklist leaked to Wikileaks (whirlpool) #tf#tw

correction: QNap = good; Seagate = bad

I have to revise my post about the failing NAS below. QNap support logged in to it and had a look and the NAS is fine. It’s just the hard disk that’s had it.

Actually, that’s my fourth broken Seagate Barracuda ES.2 in two years… :(

what the …? Wikileaks Pages Added To Australian Internet Blacklist: #tf#tw

Google Code

Given that my NAS is out of business until I either declare the Seagate fit, or get a new disk, my local SVN server is gone too.

So I think I’ll take the opportunity to try Google Code. But at the same time I don’t want people looking at my bad code. 😉

Any actually working code will eventually go somewhere in to the Moodle community, though.